*DEAL* Zaycon Chicken

Now, I’m not a *DEAL* blog.  However, as a wife and mama of 4, feeding my family on a tight budget requires effort.  THIS deal doesn’t take much effort but saves our family a bundle!  I just placed our THIRD chicken order with Zaycon.  I be picking up our case of boneless, skinless, chicken meat on February 21st.  I was able to purchase this 20 pound case for $1.69 per pound.

Ever heard of ZAYCON??  I learned about this growing company about a year ago.  We have been extremely pleased with both the quality of this FRESH chicken a  well as the price.  The meat comes FRESH.  I package it up into freezer bags and stick them in my chest freezer.  It is so nice having a stocked freezer…. and I enjoy knowing I’m supporting farmers directly.

You can watch the Good Morning America news clip about Zaycon below.  IF you purchase from Zaycon using THIS link I will receive a $5 referral fee that I can apply to my next order.  I thank you in advance for using this like!

10 yummy popcorn recipes! Make your next movie night really *pop*!


Click here to download popcorn recipe booklet!!

Our family LOVES popcorn!!  Yes, yes we do!!  We eat popcorn a lot around here…. and NOT the microwave kind.  It really isn’t hard to whip up a batch of fresh popcorn.  I have put together a booklet with 10 yummy popcorn treats.  These are sure to be a hit with your friends and family!

Chocolate popcorn??  Bacon popcorn??  Peanut butter popcorn?  YES!!!  ENJOY!!!