Choosing Simplicity: Corralling all those plastic bags!!

Choosing Simplicity is a BIG topic, however, I find that it is in the *little* things of home management that choosing simplicity makes a big difference.  Corralling all the store bags is necessary!

This week’s tip is one I have been using for YEARS!  I wish I could remember who told me about this so that I could thank them!!  easy-bag-storge_edited

What to do with all those store bags??  When you forget more often than not to take the reusable cloth bags to the store like me….. (but you probably always remember to grab yours!!)

I use them to line our trash cans in the bathrooms so I keep a stash of them under each bathroom sink and under the kitchen sink.  I have found that an empty tissue box works GREAT!!   Compact storage and easy to pull one out at a time.

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