Does having a “WORD” for the year make a difference??

Over the past several years choosing a word to represent the New Year has been gaining popularity.  It is starting to become more and more common to choose a special word.  But does it make a difference??  Does it have lasting impact or is it just like the resolutions that get forgotten by the 2nd week into January??

I’m not sure the answer, and I’m going to guess that it depends on the person.  I don’t think it really matters what effect it has on the masses as long as it is something that makes a difference for me, or you.  Is it a tool that we can use to help give us focus, clarity or purpose?  Does it help us reach goals, grow or facilitate change?

I have chosen a word a few times in the past.  Some years it has had a bigger impact than others.  Some years it has been very powerful, in others the word was just a haze the background.  Life is like that…. no two years are alike.

Do you choose a word?  How has it made, or not made, a difference in your life?  I would love to hear about it. How has a word impacted your life?

As a Christian I go to God for a word.  I know he desires to lead me in deeper walk with him.  This year as I prayed about a “word” for 2017 my heart kept being led to two words, Let Go. ” Let Go”.  I had to do a lot of praying and soul searching about what these words meant and what they would require to live out.  These kinds of words seem more challenging than some of my previous words like “peaceful, clarity and simplicity”.  Ugh.  Let Go!!

In the past four years, since our oldest was diagnosed with leukemia, I have learned to “Let Go” of a lot of things and put my faith, put my child, completely in God’s hands.  I honestly felt like I had make great progress in the “letting go” department.  However, as I prayed and listened to the voice of the Holy Spirit He revealed lots of areas in my life that I tend to keep white knuckled.  While I have learned to surrender so much into our loving Father’s care I do still hold on tight to some other things I want to control.

So this year I am bravely baring my heart and leaning in more deeply into our savior to give me the strength to LET GO.  After all, I really have no real control anyway…. it is all just a façade.  It just FEELS like I’m in control but it isn’t very productive or truthful.  I desire the peace that comes from giving it all to Jesus.

As the New Year was approaching I was driving to town (us country folk know what that means) I was praying.  Drive time has been a good praise and prayer time for me over the years.  As I was driving, and praying the Lord gave me a gift of a BEAUTIFUL sky!  His handiwork spoke powerfully into my heart.  “I am the creator of all things, I love you, I want good for you.  I made the heavens and the earth, your heart belongs to eternity but you live here for now.  I want you to LET GO of all things you hold on tightly  to and give me the reigns.  I will not let you fall, I will guide you into my purpose.  Let Go and let me!”

The visual promise God gave me as he spoke His word, LET GO, into my heart.

I slowed the van way down… almost to a complete stop on our quiet country road.  I pulled out my phone and snapped a few pictures of the sky…. of God’s words to my heart.  LET GO!

So, here I am…. LETTING GO.  I have a journey to make.  I need God to reveal the things I am holding tightly trying to have control over and I need to let go and leave my hands open.  I will have to grow in my faith in Christ and not try to snatch things back and lock my fingers around them! Already I’m seeing areas, already I am loosening the grip.  I want to embrace this and not let fear stop me!!

Have you ever had a WORD for your year that is “scary” or intimidating??

Do you have a word for this year??  Would you be willing to share it with me and what God spoke to your heart about this word??  Do you have a visual picture?  A song? A moment?

I’m excited to learn from you all, too!!  Can a word for the year really make a difference??




  1. K

    I do not traditionally adopt a word for the year but our family has been sitting down at the beginning of each year to write down goals for the year for our family as a whole as well as each one of us individually and that has been very rewarding in the 3 years we have been doing that now. But that being said, God does not always work in the same ways and this year He actually has in fact given me a word! The word is GIVE.
    He has actually been working on our hearts in this capacity for several months now but last week He revealed more to me personally on this subject in that He does not just want the extra tithing from us, but He wants more of my heart, more of my compassion, more of my commitment to His people. I am not sure how that will play out yet of course or what He will expect of me to fulfill this commitment but I have been lead to review my spiritual blessings and think maybe He wants me to review these things as He will need me to use them more effectively for whatever He has in store for me and my family this year. I am ready and excited to see what He has in store for this year! Blessings

    • Heather

      I love that you sit down as a family to create goals! There is such power in working together in unity!!! Thank you for sharing. GIVE! What a wonderful word…. and you will be BLESSED by being a GIVER!! It is a spiritual seed that will not return void. So true that giving is not just in our tithe…. giving impacts EVERY part of our life, every relationship and every season. May you GROW this year!! GIVE! Keep me posted…. would love to hear how your year goes. My email is heather (at) simplefaithandfamily (dot) com

  2. Michelle

    As always, Heather you inspire me! A couple of years I chose the word BELIEVE! It was amazing and I learned a great deal that year. As of now, I haven’t chosen a word for this year. Several have popped in my head, CHANGE, CHALLENGE, TRUTH…. Maybe I need more than 1. I will continue to ask God what direction He is leading me to. I am excited to see what it will be. Take care my friend! Love

    • Heather

      LOVE this!! BELEIVE is a powerful word and I would love to hear your story about this!! Sometimes we do need more than one word…. let me know what you choose!! You are a SWEET friend… one of the blessings that have come from the hard.

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