BONUS! God is BIGGER Bible Study Weekly Jounal Page

Weekly Journal sheet for feeding faith and starving fear

Weekly Journal Sheet: Feed Faith & Starve Fear

God is Bigger Weekly Journal PDF  (download link)

If you are doing the “God is BIGGER: Feed Faith & Starve Fear” Bible study then I have a new free bonus journal sheet for you.

Last week I started using a plain old notebook to keep a journal of the ways I am currently feeding my faith to starve fear.  It really helped me stay intentional and focused.  I also used this journal to write the “peak into my life” post.

My plain old, not so pretty, weekly journal.

We are all living in a very hard time with the Covid-19 and we have multiple fears that are trying to grow in our hearts.  Being intentional to feed faith in our BIG God starves fear!  GOD is BIGGER than the coronavirus.

As I have used my plain old, not so pretty, notebook journal this week I began to think that maybe a weekly journal sheet would be helpful to you, too!  So, I hopped on Canva and created a pretty weekly journal sheet for us all to use!  I can get rid of my not so attractive notebook sheet and have a pretty journal sheet, too.

I found that using this journal helped me stay focused on TRUTH!!  I could look back at it and see all the things God used to help me stay intentional on feeding my heart and mind with HIS truth.  What we feed will grow.  Feeding my heart and mind with God’s truth grows my faith.  GOD is BIGGER than any hard we can face in this life.

Download your PDF copy of the weekly Journal sheet below.

Weekly Journal Sheet: Feed Faith & Starve Fear

God is Bigger Weekly Journal PDF

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