Does having a “WORD” for the year make a difference??

Over the past several years choosing a word to represent the New Year has been gaining popularity.  It is starting to become more and more common to choose a special word.  But does it make a difference??  Does it have lasting impact or is it just like the resolutions that get forgotten by the 2nd week into January??

I’m not sure the answer, and I’m going to guess that it depends on the person.  I don’t think it really matters what effect it has on the masses as long as it is something that makes a difference for me, or you.  Is it a tool that we can use to help give us focus, clarity or purpose?  Does it help us reach goals, grow or facilitate change?

I have chosen a word a few times in the past.  Some years it has had a bigger impact than others.  Some years it has been very powerful, in others the word was just a haze the background.  Life is like that…. no two years are alike.

Do you choose a word?  How has it made, or not made, a difference in your life?  I would love to hear about it. How has a word impacted your life?

As a Christian I go to God for a word.  I know he desires to lead me in deeper walk with him.  This year as I prayed about a “word” for 2017 my heart kept being led to two words, Let Go. ” Let Go”.  I had to do a lot of praying and soul searching about what these words meant and what they would require to live out.  These kinds of words seem more challenging than some of my previous words like “peaceful, clarity and simplicity”.  Ugh.  Let Go!!

In the past four years, since our oldest was diagnosed with leukemia, I have learned to “Let Go” of a lot of things and put my faith, put my child, completely in God’s hands.  I honestly felt like I had make great progress in the “letting go” department.  However, as I prayed and listened to the voice of the Holy Spirit He revealed lots of areas in my life that I tend to keep white knuckled.  While I have learned to surrender so much into our loving Father’s care I do still hold on tight to some other things I want to control.

So this year I am bravely baring my heart and leaning in more deeply into our savior to give me the strength to LET GO.  After all, I really have no real control anyway…. it is all just a façade.  It just FEELS like I’m in control but it isn’t very productive or truthful.  I desire the peace that comes from giving it all to Jesus.

As the New Year was approaching I was driving to town (us country folk know what that means) I was praying.  Drive time has been a good praise and prayer time for me over the years.  As I was driving, and praying the Lord gave me a gift of a BEAUTIFUL sky!  His handiwork spoke powerfully into my heart.  “I am the creator of all things, I love you, I want good for you.  I made the heavens and the earth, your heart belongs to eternity but you live here for now.  I want you to LET GO of all things you hold on tightly  to and give me the reigns.  I will not let you fall, I will guide you into my purpose.  Let Go and let me!”

The visual promise God gave me as he spoke His word, LET GO, into my heart.

I slowed the van way down… almost to a complete stop on our quiet country road.  I pulled out my phone and snapped a few pictures of the sky…. of God’s words to my heart.  LET GO!

So, here I am…. LETTING GO.  I have a journey to make.  I need God to reveal the things I am holding tightly trying to have control over and I need to let go and leave my hands open.  I will have to grow in my faith in Christ and not try to snatch things back and lock my fingers around them! Already I’m seeing areas, already I am loosening the grip.  I want to embrace this and not let fear stop me!!

Have you ever had a WORD for your year that is “scary” or intimidating??

Do you have a word for this year??  Would you be willing to share it with me and what God spoke to your heart about this word??  Do you have a visual picture?  A song? A moment?

I’m excited to learn from you all, too!!  Can a word for the year really make a difference??



Stepping WAY out of my comfort zone

Well….. Here I go.  This is NOT in my comfort zone…. but I feel that God is calling me to share an important word.  It just had to be done in video instead of the written word.

There is so much anxiety in our nation right now.  Anxiety in personal lives, about the election and in our country as a whole.  It is tearing me up!  Please find encouragement in this.


Be your husband’s PRAYER WARRIOR!

blessingsThere is SO much power in prayer!!!  One thing we have learned over and over the last 4 years as we have traveled with our oldest son down the path of leukemia is that prayer is powerful!!  Time after time we have seen the hand of God move!!  God doesn’t always answer prayers in the way we WANT, but always in the way that is BEST!!

Praying for my HUSBAND is one of the greatest things I can do for him.  Several years ago I heard on the radio someone sharing using the acronym “BLESSINGS” to pray for our husband.  I have tried to find who shared this, but I haven’t been successful.  However, I have USED this to pray for my husband ever since!

Sometimes we get stuck in a rut praying for our husband.  I get that and want to share with you this tool that has empowered me to pray BOLDLY and SPECIFICALLY for my husband!


Have you watched the movie, War Room??  If you haven’t I highly encourage it!  This movie shows the power of prayer, specifically praying scripture.  God’s word does not return void and He is so faithful!

Over the years I have seen God answer my prayers for my husband time and time again.  I am so thankful for that day I heard this acronym on the radio, it has been such a helpful tool.


Click HERE to download  a set of bookmarks with the “BLESSINGS” prayer.  Place one in your Bible, hang one on the bathroom mirror, put one in your car and share one with a friend!

Praying SCRIPTURE is the most powerful way to effectively pray.  I have put together a e-book with Bible verses for each of the letters in “BLESSINGS”.  Sign up below to receive this in-depth resource.

My life motto is GOD is BIGGER (than anything we face here on earth).  Join me in praying some BIG prayers!  Our husbands will be BLESSED!!

Thanksgiving Scripture Writing Plan

I found this incredible Thanksgiving Scripture Writing Plan over at Sweet Blessings.

I shared it on my personal Facebook page and I have several people that are going to join me doing this starting on November 1st.  Each day we will rthanksgiving-prayer-listead, write and focus on a scripture to help us have a heart of thanksgiving.  What better way to enter into the season of Thanksgiving!

I don’t know about you…. but the holiday season can be a tad on the stressful side.  I want to enjoy this year and have my heart focused on the right things!!

Who else would like to join me??? Leave a comment to let us know you are joining! 







credit: Sweet Blessings She has LOTS of fabulous scripture resources and pintables!  Hop over and check them out!!




Life can hurt….. Goliaths are big!

I sit in the hospitgod-vs-goliathal room, seeing my 19 year old son, Wesley, laying in a bed that has become way too familiar over the past 4 years.  I listen to the sounds of oxygen, IV pumps and now a bubbling chest tube along with the soothing sounds of the praise music he has playing from his blue tooth speaker.  Life can hurt.  My mama heart just aches for the pain he is enduring now…. and has during the many days since we first heard the dreaded word, leukemia.

While leukemia is no longer the Goliath we face, leukemia treatment has scarred his body.  The war wounds are real and a secondary battle has begun.

There is nothing I can humanly do as his mama to take any of this away…. I’m so glad that we know Jesus and that Wes has his own deep relationship with our Savior.  We have lived by the motto of GOD is BIGGER and have seen, felt and experienced the power of God in mighty ways.  There is nothing like being in the depths of our lack that allows us to see the provision of God’s hand.

What we SEE with human eyes is a BIG Goliath. We see PAIN from  surgery to repair the lung, we hear a bubbling chest tube and our hearts hurt hearing his frustration and non typical irritation. We know that biopsy results are out for second opinions and that the whole reason we did this biopsy in the first place must be addressed. This Goliath seems HUGE….. But on days like this we have to CHOOSE to… be DELIBERATE and constantly renew our minds to the THRUTH. The TRUTH is… No matter what Goliath we *or you* face in life…. GOD is BIGGER! HIS strength and power will ALWAYS conquer Goliath. In our HUMAN strength…. Goliath can over power…. But Goliath can never over power GOD!!!
So…. To the Goliath we face right now let you hear me loud and clear: “I come against you in the name of the Lord our God, and YOU are not going to win this battle!”
What Goliath are you facing today???  Our God is mighty and able to conquer any Goliath.  It takes intentional faith, keeping our eyes on Jesus and HIS power.  This life has a lot of hard…. but GOD is BIGGER!!! I would appreciate prayers for our son, Wesley, and I will pray for you.  Please leave a comment below and share how I can pray for you.

Choosing an ABUNDANT life

I have a choice in which mindset I choose to filter my life.  I can choose abundance or lack.

In my relationship with Christ I have an abundant life!!  Abundant in my spirit measured in my heart, not in my bank account!  My God supplies all my needs and I am so thankful for that promise.  I am also so very glad that my level of peace and joy does not come from the balance in my checkbook , the house I live, the vehicle I drive or our physical health.  My JOY comes from the maker of Heaven and earth and I get very excited about knowing that this earth is not my home and I will spend eternity in HEAVEN!

If you don’t have this peace, please find it in Jesus!  Call out his name and He will be there!!  He longs to draw you to His side and cover you with His grace and love.  You are loved with an everlasting love.  There is nothing you have ever done, or will do, that can make him love you less (or more for that matter).  Today, reach out and cling to the source of abundant life!!  Jesus!