“Coffee chat” visit in my kitchen

Y’all!  Was this week extra hard?

I’m missing people!! 

I know I’m not alone.  I know from reading Facebook and IG posts this week that many of you had a hard week.  This “shelter in place” life just felt harder.  Yup, it stinks!

I decided that instead of writing a post this week (like my past “peek into my quarantine life“) I thought I would sit down with you for a visit.  Now I know… it isn’t a real visit since you can’t be here with me in person.  However, something is better than nothing, right?

So, join me at my kitchen table.  We are in this together and I hope you find some encouragement from our “chat”.  Below you will find links to the resources/podcasts/articles I mention in the video. (side note: YouTube really knows how to create an attractive screen shot!  LOL)

Resources I mentioned in the video:

Why are we all feeling SO TIRED?? This article my Aunt Edna shared with me really helped me to understand.  It’s OK and understandable that we are feeling physically exhausted from this. Click this link to read.

FREE download of the  Weekly Journal Sheet to keep track of Feeding Faith!


Podcasts I listened to this week that I found personally very helpful:

What You’ll Learn on this Episode:
The truth about the future.
What happens when you resist the feeling of disappointment.
How you can choose to never feel disappointed if you want.
Why knowing what is coming in the future would create a different experience for us and wouldn’t bring as much relief as you might think.
How I’m thinking about the future right now.”

We are currently with our children 24/7.  This parenting gig is even harder right now.  We might find ourselves being frustrated more with our kids and loosing our cool.  I found this podcast SO helpful!!  I want to be the BEST parent I can be…. I can always use some help!

This podcast episode is from October 2019 (pre coronavirus).  Currently our HURRY, our BUSY has been stripped away.  Maybe this isn’t all bad.  Maybe as we go back to “normal” we should really think about what we want our new normal to look like.  This podcast episode gave me a lot to think about.  I ended up listening to several of the Bridgetown podcast episodes this week.  Good stuff.

Spend some time doing things you ENJOY!

For me….. My kitchen and my flower beds are my happy places.  I have been learning how to make sourdough bread.  This has been a “bucket list” item for a long time and now is the time! This is a GREAT post with lots of resources on learning sourdough (if you would happen to be interested).


How can I pray for you?  If you respond (leave a comment) I WILL pray for you!!  Life is HARD, it is OK to ask for help and for prayer.


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