Stepping WAY out of my comfort zone

Well….. Here I go.  This is NOT in my comfort zone…. but I feel that God is calling me to share an important word.  It just had to be done in video instead of the written word.

There is so much anxiety in our nation right now.  Anxiety in personal lives, about the election and in our country as a whole.  It is tearing me up!  Please find encouragement in this.



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  2. Jacque Cook

    Thank you! Had come to this same conclusion yesterday that our nation is battling a challenge much like cancer! God is so merciful not only for the miracles in your family, but your example and God is Bigger radiate out to uplift and encourage others! Prayers always for Wes and your family.

    With love….

    • Heather

      Thank you for your encouragement! And isn’t God GREAT?? He gave you the same word! Our nation is being destroyed like a cancer…. but GOD is indeed BIGGER!!!

  3. Michelle Peck

    I am so glad you posted this today…. I needed it! Hearing your amazing words has opened my heart. Has made me think more about what I need to do. Amen, my friend, Amen! I have my prayer on!

    • Heather

      Michelle!! LOVE you!! I so wish we could have a visit face to face…. but in Christ our prayers of unity go up together!!

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